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Fibalco is a company that operates all fields of production of footwear in southern Romania. We are a “service company” which provides complete service to the customer, from design to development, production and delivery of the end product due to the company’s constant commitment to keep faith in three key aspects: quality, flexibility and punctual deliveries.

It performs a wide range of items: sneakers, mocassins, leisure time footwear, as the production is destined for men, women and children.

Working with the customer must be based on the maximum of transparency, since each product has a technical data sheet that contains all the costs involved so that the customer will have the complete control over the production process.

With an experience of nearly 20 years in the production of uppers shoes and also complete end product, the company owns a productive space of 1,200 square meters, equipped with machinery that can accomplish the entire productive process. The organizational chart of 100 people can achieve the end product with a capacity of about 200-300 pairs per day.

Special importance is given to prototype and sampling activity, and therefore we have formed a dedicated production line with specialized personnel that can achieve full product in a short time and in accordance with the required technical specifications. Graduation of size is made internally starting from base size and the table of dimensions communicated by the customer.

The activity is divided as follows:

  • The cutting department equipped with a Comeltz tailoring system, dies of various kinds, thinning, equalizing, adjusing, rolling and staming

  • The assembling department equipped with 2 sewing strips of 20 m each and a band for full assembly, equipped with special machinery: premonta and calzera, cold and hot oven

  • The finishing and control department of the end product

The quality policy is an integral part of the company’s general policy and mobilizes the entire staff to focus on the quality of products supplied in order to fulfill all requirements.

EXCELLENCY is in every thought, material, piece of work of our products. It is in everything and in all those who are involved in our work.

RESPECT for the world, people, life and its quality. Our work is not a compromise, but searching global satisfaction.

Our clients are:

For the production of the end product

  • MaxMara, Aldo , Alpina, Aresnale 5 (Panchic), Season 5, Season 6, O-three, Emmgi,

For the production of uppers shoe

  • Maison Margela, Roche, Zegna